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About SOCHEM ®

SOCHEM® group has manufacturing companies based in Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d Ivoire and has its parent organisation in India.

We ensure consistency in timely delivery schedule to our customers. Our sales team equipped with lot of field expertise, provides solutions to various unique problems that are faced by customers.

All these manufacturing companies have capacity to produce construction chemicals with assured quality matching the needs of the local market. These factories are equipped with testing equipment which are used to test the incoming materials as well as the finished products before they are shipped to the end consumer. Our factories are manned by dedicated teams of engineers and workers who are well trained in the field of construction chemicals.

We do “SUPPLY & APPLY” of various products. We always strive for new product & process innovation to satisfy the customers’ existing and latent needs.

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We also undertake floor hardener application, epoxy floor installations and sealant applications. All kinds of industrial flooring and concrete repairs works are undertaken.