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A wide range of cementitious and resin based flooring systems are available for heavy to light duty floors. Cementitious and epoxy self levelling systems are also available based on the requirement. Flooring system protects floors against damage due to chemical corrosion, abrasion, wear & tear.


It is a ready to use floor hardener comprised of clean and well graded aggregates, special additives and Portland cement. Gives a hardwearing, abrasion resistant, non-dusty, anti-slip floor. Recommended for manufacturing plants, car, truck, tractor assembly plants, processing plants, warehouses, loading docks etc.


It is a dry shake, quartz based non-metallic floor hardener. It is an economical concrete floor hardener recommended for both interior and exterior use. It produces a hard, dense wear resistant surface which resists corrosion and absorption grease, alkalis and most chemicals. It can be used for commercial and public buildings, restaurants, showrooms, service centers, factory and ware houses.



Ready to use liquid acts as a dustproofer and surface hardener for fresh concrete floor, screeds and vertical surfaces. It is supplied as a clear non-staining liquid, which when applied on the concrete reacts with the fresh lime and seals the pores. This produces a hardwearing surface with resistance to abrasion, wear and dusting.


Is a ready-mixed, fast drying, high performance, polymer reinforced, self-leveling floor compound. TUF FAST FLOOR provides smooth, leveled, monolithic substrate ready for the application of floor tile, linoleum, sheet vinyl, carpet, wood parquet or other floor coverings without troweling. It is suitable for use in Industrial ware houses, factories, & suitable for use in schools and hospitals, commercial buildings, up grading and refurbishing of existing internal concrete slabs.



Is a three part epoxy based high strength floor topping that forms a chemical & abrasion resistant flooring with a non-slip finish for personnel and vehicular traffic. Ideally suited for application in all kinds of industries subjected to heavy wear and tear, mechanical and chemical use. It can be laid in varying thickness of 3 – 6 mm and over coated with epoxy coatings for hygienic conditions. Coverage: 4 m2 per 25 kg pack at 3 mm thickness.


Solvent free Self-Leveling Epoxy flooring system is available in a variety of thicknesses (2 to 3mm) The glossy, easy-to-maintain surface resists dirt and chemical penetration while enhancing the appearance and light reflectivity of your facility. The cured floor exhibits resistance to abrasion and chemicals, and finishes to a smooth, seamless, impervious surface that can easily be maintained in clean and hygienic condition. It functions well on concrete, cement screed, tiles, wood and terrazzo. It provides a hard wearing attractive leveled floor, which is chemical resistant, impervious and extremely easy to clean. It can be used food industries, shopping mall, hospitals, pharmaceutical industries etc., Coverage: Each 15 kg. pack is sufficient for 4.2 m2 at the minimum 2 mm thickness.


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