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We offer ready to use mold release agent for the easy removal of form work. This enables easy removal of form work, thereby reducing the damage caused. This enables fairface and stainfree finishes. In addition we also supply curing compounds which enables proper curing of concrete over traditional methods. Proper curing helps to achieve the complete strength of concrete and also reduces the cracks on the surface.


Solvent based ready to use mould release agent. It helps to prevent cement paste sticking to the mould surface, which in turn enables air to escape from the face when the concrete is poured and vibrated. The number of blowholes is kept to an absolute minimum and the cleaning of the mould surface is made much easier. It works as a chemical release agent, which once applied, reacts with the water in the concrete, forming a water-repellent layer. This allows for easy stripping of moulds and formwork, and will leave fair-faced stain-free surfaces. Coverage: 40 – 60 m2 per liter.


Is a concentrated pale amber liquid which turns white when diluted with water produce a chemical release agent combining the outstanding physical release properties of a chemical release agent together with the economy of conventional mould oil. It reacts with the water in the concrete to form a thin water-repellent skin on the surface of the mould, thereby enabling easy stripping from concrete, whilst serving to protect steel and wooden formwork. Coverage: 150 – 160 m2 per liter (After dilution)



Is applied as a clear non staining, non toxic aqueous solution which when applied to fresh concrete surfaces, reacts with free lime and seals the pores, thus reducing the evaporation of water from the mix which assists curing process and increasing durability. Only single coat is sufficient for complete curing process eliminating the water curing. Complies ASTM C 309. Coverage: 5 – 6 m2 per liter



Is a white pigmented low viscosity wax emulsion which incorporates a special alkali reactive emulsion breaking system. This system ensures that the emulsion breaks down to form a non-penetrating continuous film immediately upon contact with a cementitious surface. This impervious film permits more efficient cement hydration, thus reducing shrinkage and increases durability. PROCURE WX is however ideal where the concrete surface of floor slab is to be left as ‘finished’ standard complies: ASTM C-309, Type 2, Class A. Coverage: 5-6 m2 per liter.


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We also undertake floor hardener application, epoxy floor installations and sealant applications. All kinds of industrial flooring and concrete repairs works are undertaken.