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A wide range of cementitious, epoxy and polyester resin based grouts are available for grouting purposes. These grouts have high strength, non shrink , free flow and bonding properties which enable it to bond with concrete substrates and base plates. This enables permanent installation and vibration dampening which increases the life of machinery .


Is a ready-mixed, non-shrink, nonmetallic, flowable, high-strength structural grout. Progrout 40is used where non-shrink, highstrength, structural, durable grout is required such as: precise machine base plates and equipment bases, structural columns, machine tools, compressors, and anchor bolts. Yield : One bag (25 kg.) of Pro Groutwill yield 13.7 litres at flowable consistency.


General purpose, non-shrink, high strength free flow cementitious grout. Low mixing water demand results in the hardened grout giving good freeze-thaw stability, low water absorption plus resistance to oil, sea water and mild alkali attack. The grout is chloride free, can be safely used in contact with steel and can be placed in section thicknesses of up to 10mm. It is used for precision grouting where it is essential to withstand static and dynamic loads. Typical applications would be the grouting of base plates of turbines, compressors, boiler feed pumps etc., It can also be used for anchoring a wide range of fixings. Yield: One bag 25 kg will yield 12.5 litres at pourable consistency & 13.3 litres of flowable consistency.


Three pack solvent free, free flow epoxy grout for widths from 10 mm to 75 mm. It is used for precision grouting of heavy duty rails, machinery, dowel bars, cranes,turbines etc . It is supplied in 5 ltr packing consisting of BASE, HARDENER and AGGREGATES in correct proportions.


Consists of a low viscosity polyester resin based high early and rapid strength gain grout. The two components are mixed to produce a filled resin grout which may be poured or pumped into suitably prepared anchor holes. ANCHOR PRO for the anchoring of steel bars and bolts into concrete, masonry, stone and brickwork where speed of installation and early load bearing capacity is required.


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