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Ready to use concrete repair products are available in cementitious, polymer and micro concrete based

formulations depending on the type of crack to be repaired. Products are also used to repair honey combs and damaged concrete portions. These products are specially formulated to be shrinkage compensating there by bridging the cracks.


Is a single pack, highly flexible white, ready mixed acrylic polymer based crack repair paste. It is specially formulated for filling cracks and will not allow water penetration. CRACKPACK AR is a ready to use advance polymer is formulated non-toxic and anti-fungal. Can be used for cracks in exposed conditions on plaster, masonry or concrete upto 20mm width environmentally friendly. Coverage: About 40 running meter for a V groove crack of 6mm x 6mm for 1kg pack.


Is a thixotropic polymer modified. Cement based single component crack repair mortar. It does not shrink. It sets quickly on application and can be over coated with common paints / coatings. Can be used for horizontal, vertical and overhead applications. Shrinkage cracking eliminated. Coverage: about 30 running meter for a V groove crack of 6mm x 6mm for 1kg pack.


Is a ready to use fiber reinforced product in grey powder form, which required only the on-site addition of water to produce a high strength, non-shrink micro concrete of predictable performance. The low water requirement ensures high early strength and long-term durability. For larger repairs, mixed PROSCREED HMF can be modified by the addition of 10 mm clean, graded, saturated, surface dry aggregates at site.



Is a prepacked two component cementitious repair system consisting of ready to use polymer modified mortar and polymer modified primer. The mortar contains specially processed cement and polymer with graded fillers and additives to impart adhesion, strength and weather resistance. PROSCREED TC is designed for cost effective repairs to spalled or damaged concrete and floors. The mortar can be laid in thickness of 10- 20mm in single application and exhibits good workability and finishing properties. PROSCREED TC has excellent adhesion to substrate and exhibits excellent bond & weather resistance thus leading to increased durability and also resists shrinkage induced cracking.


Is a solvent free, epoxy based high strength repair concrete, which is supplied as three component system and the coarse aggregate in the ratio recommended to be added at site. PROSCREED EPprovides a quick strong repair for concrete and masonry. PROSCREED EP is used to repair spalled columns, soffits, gutters, lintels etc., It is also used for repairing of damaged concrete floors, spalled concrete roads and runways. Coverage: A10 kg pack w


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