Various systems are available to deliver solutions for internal and external waterproofing problems. We have acrylic, bituminous damproof, water repellant, waterplug, waterproof screed, crystalline and injection systems. These products come in both liquid & powder forms.

 WET SHIELD(Click to view datasheet)

Two component, flexible polymer modified coating for the protection and water proofing of concrete surfaces, balconies, terraces, bathrooms and swimming pools. Water proofing and protection of concrete structures, renders and cementitious screeds. Protection & render of concrete with cracks caused by shrinkage against the infiltration of water and aggressive atmosphere elements protection of concrete surfaces which may come into contract with sea water, salts.  Coverage: 8 to 12m2 / (9kg + 5ltr) pack

WET SHIELD LIQUID MEMBRANE(Click to view datasheet)

Single component high performance water proofing membrane based on modified bitumens, co polymers and a carrier solvent. Wet shield liquid membrane is highly resistant to aggressive soils and soluble salts providing an effective continuous barrier and protection against water borne damage. It is ideally suited as a barrier to building facades behind granite, marble, stone cladding and curtain wall elements.  Coverage:  1.1kg / m2 at 1mm thickness supplied in 20kg buckets.


A ready- to- use  water repellant and chloride screen for protection of concrete and masonry. MURIMPER is water based, it penetrates deeper than conventional repellants, low odor and alkaline stable. Murimper prolongs the clean appearance of buildings reduces chemical attacks and reduces efflorescence. Due to excellent water repell properties, dirt and other atmospheric impurities are washed off by rain and its clean appearance is maintained for a longer period. Coverage: 4 to 5 Sq mtrs / litre.