Admixtures are materials in the form of powder or liquid that are added to concrete or mortar to impart high strength and workability. PROCRETE range of admixtures include normal plasticisers, super plasticisers, integral waterproof, retarders, water reducers, slump retainers, air entrainments, accelerators, corrosion inhibitors etc., We have both SNF & PCE range of admixtures.

PROCRETE WR (Click to view datasheet)

SNF based chloride free normal plasticiser cum water reducer conforming to ASTM C494 TYPE A. Procrete WR is recommended for use in floor slabs, foundations, columns,beams, ceiling & pavement. Procrete WR can be used to reduce cement content to extent of 8 to 10% by maintaining the original strength specified,workability & reducing the water content required for the given mix. Dosage: 150ml to 250 ml / 50 kg cement.

PROCRETE SP (Click to view datasheet)

High range water reducing and super plasticising concrete admixture conformity ASTM C 494 TYPE A. It is ideal for precast concrete, ready mix concrete and mass concrete. Concrete becomes cohesive and does not have undesirable bleeding, segregation of loss of strength Dosage: 0.6% to 1.5% of weight of cement.

PROCRETE RMW (Click to view datasheet)

Integral water proofing liquid admixture for concrete and mortar.Procrete RMW water proofs by improving the quality of the concrete or mortar. It reduces the water demand for required workability and minimizes segregation and bleeding to minimize permeability and increase the water proofing properties of concrete and cement sand mortars for critical applications like foot slab and screeds, basements, internal and external plastering, bathroom floors, water tanks,sumps, drains etc. Dosage: 125ml to 200 ml 50 KG cement.

PROCRETE PPF (Click to view datasheet)

Admixture with high performance monofilament polypropylene fibers and it is 100% virgin polypropylene. A unique fiber reinforcement for concrete & mortar,chemicals inert, easilyand instantly disperse into the mix, increases tensile and compressive strength, arrest drying shrinkage cracks, reduced permeability and hence ensures water highness, reduces density, increases yield of mix, reduces number of construction joints in the floor, minimizes steel reinforcements in industrial floors, improves durability, compatible and can be used with all types of OPC, PPC & free from corrosive substances. Dosage: 125 gm for 50 kg cement.

PROCRETE ACC (Click to view datasheet)

Accelerating admixture for un- reinforced concrete/mortar conforming to ASTM C494 TYPE C. This further improves strength by enabling water reduction to be made at constant workability. Ideal for increased resistance during up and after construction of hollow blocks. Ideal for block making use of Procrete Acc reduced the damage in transportation of blocks. Earlier stripping and reuse of form work increase productivity.Dosage 600 ml to 1500 ml / 50 kg cement.